Electronics & Communication

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Analog Communication Lab

  • The ECE department has fully equipped Analog Communication lab, not only to carry out the experiments and final year projects but also to carryout sponsored research projects. The students carry out the experiments on filters, analog digital modulation, fiber optic communication, strip lines and strip line antenna characteristics.

  • The lab has well organized and procedural experiments for the effective utilization of the available resources to impart practical knowledge to the students. It has well qualified teaching faculty as well as technical team, relevant equipment, and ample working space to gain hands-on experience and facilitate research work.

Analog Electronics and Logic Design Lab

  • During initial part of the BE course we have Analog Electronics lab (AEC Lab), initially carry out simple experiments and progresses in to designs. This lab gives basic knowledge of transistors, diodes, op-amp, resistors, capacitors, MOSFET etc. In Logic design lab fundamentals of basic gates and different combinational and sequential circuits will be implemented.

  • Analog Electronics lab is used to carry out experiments related to clipping, clamping, amplifiers, bridge circuits and oscillators. Logic Design lab is used to conduct experiments related to logic gates, combinational circuits and sequential circuits like Flip-flops, registers and counters. 


  • The EC Department is well equipped with advanced HDL laboratory. The department has a team of dedicated faculty to exploit all the available equipments which aids to impart high quality education in the form of demonstrations, practical and practices. The students are continuously evaluated to improve their practical knowledge, enabling environment is created to do experiments and research projects in HDL laboratory. HDL laboratory has Xilinx, Modelsim, Cadence software and FPGA, CPLD Hardware; student can make use of these software and Hardware for doing their research projects.

Microcontroller Lab

  • Microcontroller lab is used to carry out experiments such as interfacing ADC/DAC to 8051, interfacing keyboard, control of AC & DC motor, elevator, serial data communication etc. The lab has sophisticated computer systems and interfacing devices so that the students can have an active participation and gain abundant knowledge in the relevant field of study. Very efficient, dedicated and motivated faculty members divulge in the further enhancement of the student knowledge.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

  • The DSP Laboratory is playing an important role to bring advanced DSP research work into practical realization. The field of DSP was developed due to the flexibility offered by the use of digital computers in implementing signal processing algorithms and systems. The DSP lab is well-equipped and fully furnished. DSP lab is used to carry out experiments such as convolution, impulse response, difference equation, DFT using MATLAB software , IIR and FIR filters. The DSP lab consists of a number of hardware experiments illustrating the programming of real-time processing algorithms on the Texas Instruments TMS320C6713 floating-point DSP. The department has efficient and motivated staff and non-teaching team to assist students in conducting the experiments.